1-Inch Nylon Cobra Buckle Dog Collar- Best Everyday Wear Dog Collar

1-Inch Nylon Cobra Buckle Dog Collar- Best Everyday Wear Dog Collar

Jun 30th 2020

Ray Allen’s Cobra Buckle Collar is a simple yet sophisticated piece of equipment. Rivaling our Martingale Nylon Collar for the best everyday wear dog collar, this 1-inch collar is straightforward, easy-on, easy-off, and a great value.

(See Cobra Buckle Collar demonstration on our Youtube channel here.)

The nylon webbing that makes up the collar is durable and reinforced. It’s sewn from 2-layer tubular webbing with a high load rate that can take the day in, day out use from a working dog. These collars tend to endure a different kind of wear and tear from German Shepherds, Malinois, and other working dogs who require more handling and activity than a regular family companion.

The collar gets its brawn from the metal hardware: a 1-inch Cobra Buckle, adjustable 3-bar slider, and 1-inch D-ring. We’ve also included a piece of Velcro on the outside so you can easily attach IDs or a name placard.

This collar is unique because we’ve built in a finger loop around the collar; just a few extra inches of nylon in case you need to catch, grab, or hold onto your dog to stabilize or heel him without clipping on an entire leash or harness. Fans of this collar like that the loop doesn’t take up a bunch of room around the neck to make the collar bulkier or cumbersome. It’s the perfect lightweight collar for any activity, and your dog is always ready to work.

(See the collar on the dog at 1:21.)


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