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Ambidextrous Manitou Sleeve

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$84.99 - $239.99
SKU: 173-P
Ambidextrous sleeve | Jute cuff for full training | Confident bite

Comfortable, formidable suede leather construction for bite training with both arms.

Benefits for handler:
  • Train like a champion - teach your canine to open wide and bite hard
  • CoolMax® lining throughout wicks away perspiration so the sleeve stays drier and you stay cooler
  • Ambidextrous- switch arms for relief or use cross-departmentally
  • Extremely flexible at the elbow
Benefits for dog:
  • Give your dog full opportunity: presents a bite surface from the wrist to the top of the shoulder
  • Perfect for improving the advanced adult dog- make a more confident bite
Product Features:
  • Use with jute cuff for ease of use and better handling
  • Heavy suede leather

Bite Sleeve Comparison Chart

Sleeve Intermediate Advanced Replaceable
Hardness Grip
Versatility Price
Jute Intermediate Sleeve Yes Yes No Yes SOFT 5 5 $179.99
Advanced Sleeve Stage 3 Yes Yes No Yes MEDIUM 4 4 $179.99
Ultra Intermediate Sleeve Yes Yes Yes No MEDIUM 5 4 $169.99
Ultra Advanced Sleeve No Yes Yes No HARD 5 4 $189.99
Ultra Light Training Sleeve No Yes Yes No HARDEST 3 3 $199.99
All-Around Sleeve Yes Yes Yes No MEDIUM 5 5 $214.99
Ambidextrous Bite Bar No Yes Yes No MEDIUM 5 5 $239.99
Compression Bite Bar Yes Yes Yes No SOFT 5 5 $189.99
Trial Sleeve No Yes Yes No HARD 4 3 $199.99
Manitou Sleeve No Yes Yes No HARD 3 2 $239.99
Leather, Jute
Made in USA