SOKKS Arson Scent Detection Training Aid



Pure odor | Arson-accelerant-intentional fire related scents | Train for higher drive

SOKKS® Arson Scent Detection Aid will assist you to train your dog to detect accelerants for arson-related cases.

Your dog will have the ability to detect the following:

1.1 Ethanol 78
1.2 Isopropanol 82
2.1 Acetone 56
2.2 Methyl Ethyl Ketone 80
3.1 Ethyl Acetate 77
3.2 Butyl Acetate 127
4.1 Butyl Glycol 171
5.1 Hexene 69
5.2 Cyclohexene 80
5.3 Toluene 110
5.4 Xylol-Mixture 140
6.1 Petrol 40-200
6.2 Candlelight Oil 130-280
6.3 Gas Oil 160-360
6.4 Spirit 78
(numbers represent vapor pressure)

Benefits for handler:
  • SOKKS® Arson is NOT PSEUDO! It is PURE ODOR in minute quantities- train by state standards
  • Aid does not leave any residual odor
Benefits for dog:
  • Extensive research has shown that training the dog on all target odors each time is beneficial to the overall ability of the dog
  • Helps dog detect larger quantities quickly and with higher drive
  • Aid is completely non-toxic to dogs
In your kit you will receive:
  • 1 glass bottle, labelled "Original", containing 50 white tubes
    (These are the actual training aids.)
  • 1 empty glass bottle, labelled "Used"
    (Keep material once used, never return a once used tube back into “original”. Used material will adapt to each other and become contaminated.)
  • 1 empty glass bottle, labelled "Waste"
    (Keep strongly contaminated tubes for disposal. Never dispose of SOKKS material in waste boxes! They may be indicated as “true” material!)
Storage instructions:
  • Store in a cool, dark place
  • Tubes stored properly have a shelf life of 3 years
  • Do not freeze, expose to bright light or high temperatures for long periods of time

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