Deluxe Grooming Kit

$64.95 64.95

All Your Pet Grooming Tools In One Kit! Ray Allen Dog Grooming Kit includes all the necessary grooming supplies to keep your pet clean. Ray Allen Dry Shampoo, Shedding Blade, Slicker Brush are just some of the products included in this 10 piece kit. Shop Ray Allen for your pet grooming supplies.

All your Deluxe Ray Allen Dog Grooming Supplies in one fantastic kit. Why shop for these individual grooming supplies and spend $105.50 when you can pick up the Ray Allen Kit for $64.95! A SAVINGS OF $40!

Here is what you get:
*Furminator deShedding Shampoo
*Ray Allen Dry Shampoo
*Ray Allen Ear Cleaner
*Ray Allen Hot Spot Spray
*Nail Clippers
*Styptic Powder
*Shed Magic Large
*Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush
*Shedding Blade
*Dry-Tec Dog Shammy

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