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K9 Essentials Accessory Kit

Ray Allen Manufacturing

SKU: RAM-K-TSA-3A UPC: 810018606510

K9 Training | Keeps Your Dog Engaged | Toys & Water Bowl

*** Kit savings of nearly $20! ***

The K9 Essentials Accessory Kit is packed full of products that perfectly accomodate any of our K9 Essentials Kits. Your working K9 will love every component!

The KONG™ on a rope has an 8" handle allowing the handler to have a good range of motion during a game of tug. The handle helps keep slobber and dirt off your hands and gives you firm grip on the toy. Also included is the classic Ray Allen 3" Ball On A Rope with a sturdy, sleek piece of biothane rope webbing for a handle. The KONG™ Wubba is also a favorite of many dogs, with the added "tails" keeping your K9 engaged. The two handled 12" x 2.5" Ultra Mini Tug is one of our most popular tugs. And, to round it out, we include our very popular non-spill 44oz Buddy Bowl, which is great in the kennel or in the car, keeping your working K9 hydrated and happy.

Product Features
  • Keeps your K9 engaged
  • Perfect addition to any of our K9 Essentials Kits
  • Training accessories for the working dog
Kit Contains
Biothane, Syntek, Rubber
Made in USA