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Quality Through Innovation: The Semi-Comp Bite Suit

Quality Through Innovation: The Semi-Comp Bite Suit

Feb 10th 2021

How It Came To Be

Primal Canine’s Mike Jones has been working closely with Ray Allen Manufacturing for over two and a half years in an effort to push forward with new innovations in canine bite training. From bite sleeves to full suits, Primal Canine and Ray Allen’s partnership has improved training equipment; making it safer, more comfortable, and more durable than ever before.

The Semi-Comp Design

Ray Allen Manufacturing’s Semi-Comp Bite Suit is one of these innovations. Originally, this two-piece bite suit was much bulkier, making it difficult to train working canines in real-life situational exercises. Primal Canine worked closely with Ray Allen for over 8 months to develop this slimmer, sportier Semi-Comp Bite Suit, that offers more protection while increasing maneuverability and comfort for the decoy.

The top piece (or jacket) features all new reinforcements in the bicep areas for added protection, while maintaining a slimmer profile for extra arm movement. The chest and midsection areas also feature reinforced padding for occasional chest bites from aggressive dogs. The top is fastened with high quality Herm Sprenger buckles, plus an added VELCRO® strip for a completely secure fit.

The bottom piece (or pants) are unique from other semi-comp bottoms. The slimmer profile offers additional maneuverability that make them ideal for both semi-comp and initial canine bite training application. It features thick bibbing that covers the decoy’s midsection in the event that the jacket does slide up during more physical or aggressive exercises. The bibbing also allows the bottom piece to be used as scratch pants when performing bite sleeve training, making this bite suit extremely versatile.

Customize Your Bite Suit

Ray Allen Manufacturing’s Semi-Comp Bite Suit is available in Medium, Large and Extra Large sizes, with custom sizing available for all sizes. Custom designs can also be applied to the back of the jacket, making it perfect to promote your brand; or for police or military application. To learn more about our top of the line dog training equipment, shop our online store, or check out our Bite Suit Buyer’s Guide to find the perfect bite suit for your needs.