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Ray Allen Rapid Deploy Long Line w/ Small Pouch

Ray Allen Rapid Deploy Long Line w/ Small Pouch

Jun 8th 2022

Picture this: you’re a K9 handler in the field when suddenly you need to give your dog some range to chase a scent. If you only have your dog on a standard leash, you and your K9 are in a tough spot. After all, a standard 5-foot leash doesn’t give dogs much space to do their job and trying to quickly attach a line to their harness isn’t always easy.

But you already know this, which is why you are looking for more information about the Rapid Deploy Long Line. No K9 handler in their right mind would be attempting scent detection in the field with only a 5 foot leash… you need both short and long lines, especially in scenarios that have you and your dog working in unexplored places.

An Easier Way to Perform K9 Work

As its name suggests, the Rapid Deploy Long Line lets K9 handlers quickly deploy the dog line. This harness accessory consists of a pouch with hook VELCRO® on the back, loop VELCRO® on the front, a zipper across the top, and a 15-foot line inside.

Both ends of the pouch are open, allowing the line to stick out from either side, and the line has a bolt snap that attaches to nearly every harness we manufacture. The sturdy bolt snap and high-quality VELCRO® help ensure the piece stays connected to your dog’s harness no matter the conditions outside.

When K9 handlers need to give their dogs some room to roam, all they have to do is grab the line from the back pouch and let their dogs go to work. Whether you’re on a search and rescue mission or doing police K9 work, the Rapid Deploy Long Line is the ideal accessory when time is of the essence.

Many professional dog handlers prefer using the Rapid Deploy Long Line over carrying an additional long line on their K9 Trainer’s Belt because it allows for faster response time in the field and is one less item to worry about carrying. Gear is awesome, but every handler needs to find the right balance for the kinds of working conditions you and your dog(s) do. Too much K9 gear is a hassle that can weigh you and your dog down, while not having enough or the “right tactical K9 gear” can even be the difference between life and death.

If you’re interested in letting your dog carry more than just their line on their harness, be sure to check out our G-Hook Backpacks, which easily attach to Ray Allen harnesses and can hold any equipment your dog needs.

Compatible with Many Ray Allen Harnesses

As we touched on above, the Rapid Deploy Long Line is compatible with most of the dog harnesses in the Ray Allen store. As long as your harness has a piece of VELCRO® on the top and a loop to attach the bolt snap to, this piece is a perfect fit.

A few of the top harnesses we recommend pairing the Rapid Deploy Long Line with include:

All of these modular dog harnesses feature strips of VELCRO® on the top and heavy-duty loops to attach a variety of different G-Hook harness accessories like our K9 Hydration Packs, Hi-Vis G-Hook Side Panels, and VELCRO® Top ID Pouch.

These Ray Allen exclusives are a few more must-haves that are sure to make life better for you and your working dog.

Why Ray Allen?

From harnesses and leashes to wellness accessories and toys, Ray Allen Manufacturing has been producing the highest-quality, handmade military-grade products for K9 handlers and their dogs for over 70 years.

We’re proud to be the go-to brand for police officers, military units, working dog programs, and dog handlers and trainers looking for durable dog gear made right here in Colorado Springs, Colorado.