Nomad Harness Skid Plate Body- Hazard Protection for Active Dogs

Nomad Harness Skid Plate Body- Hazard Protection for Active Dogs

Jun 16th 2020

Much like the skid plate on the bottom of a vehicle, our Nomad Harness Skid Plate accessory clips securely onto the underside of our Nomad Harness System, and acts as a barrier to debris and other objects that may cause injury to your dog’s chest and belly while he is moving through hazardous terrain. As always, meeting tough mil-spec standards for police and military units.

Thorns, foxtails, and other brush can cause cuts and discomfort as your dog is tracking or hunting through deep forest, and branches and jagged sticks can cause serious or even fatal puncture wounds if accidental impact is severe. In urban areas, barbed wire, construction materials, or concrete mesh are dangers for police and search and rescue dogs. In the winter months, snow and ice can get kicked up and freeze to your dog’s fur or soak through his underside. Protect all vulnerable areas and keep your dog comfortable with coverage from our Skid Plate.

Made from durable cordura, ballistic nylon, and pack cloth, the Skid Plate provides solid protection but is light enough to not weigh your dog down, and fitted so he can retain a full range of motion in his neck, chest, and legs.

Like all of our Nomad Harness accessories, the Skid Plate is easy-on, easy-off. It fastens with Velcro through the two straps at bottom, and secures via the G-Hooks on the sides.

All the handles and D-Rings are positioned exactly the same as our other Nomad accessories, so there is no learning curve and no delay in getting your dog ready to work.

The Plate unhooks and drops off just as quickly, and your dog is back in his regular duty harness without hassle, and with reduced bulk and equipment costs for you.
(Watch a demonstration at 1:47).


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