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Next Level Bite Training: Leather Hidden Sleeve

Next Level Bite Training: Leather Hidden Sleeve

Dec 9th 2020

Ray Allen's Leather Hidden Sleeve (61-5000) is the perfect tool for taking K9 bite training to the next level. This unique apron leather sleeve has extreme puncture resistance for optimal decoy safety, while remaining form fitting and comfortable to wear. It allows for a 90 degree bend at the elbow, allowing for more dynamic training and bite responsiveness.

The Leather Hidden Sleeve uses thick VELCRO® strips to easily secure it to the decoy’s arm. To put it on, simply attach the VELCRO® strips together while the sleeve is off, and then slide your arm in for a safe and secure fit.

The major benefit that the 61-5000 has over most others is the heavy welders-split steer hide leather. Most working canines are trained on high-quality Syntek or Jute bite sleeves, so introducing the leather sleeve is a great way to test the dog’s capability to bite something that they might not be as familiar with. Better yet, the Leather Hidden Sleeve is also a USPCA (United States Police Canine Association) standard, and can be used in their trials.

The benefits of the Hidden Leather Sleeve don’t end there. Pairing it with our Syntek Nylon Hidden Sleeve Cuff will allow for both a closer bite and a faster drive. This Syntek sleeve cuff not only enriches the longevity of the Hidden Leather Sleeve, but also allows the canine to bite into something they might be more familiar with before moving on to the leather sleeve alone. It can also be used for more advanced, street-worthy suspect scenario training, due to it’s true-to-life feel. And like the 61-5000, it’s extremely easy to put on. Simply wrap it around the Leather Hidden Sleeve and lace it up in the back.

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