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Incog Treat Pouches to Accelerate Your K9 Training

Incog Treat Pouches to Accelerate Your K9 Training

Oct 21st 2020

We’ve all run into this dilemma when training our dogs: you pull out your treats, your tug, the tennis ball, even your bite suit or trainer’s apron and your dog is down to recall and ready to listen. But the second the training equipment goes away, suddenly your dog is unwilling, less interested, or, just the opposite - completely fixated on where that equipment or training aid could have disappeared. Your dog relentlessly begins sniffing your pockets for treats, targets your pack seeking rewards, or trips you up pestering at your heels attempting to reproduce his training environment.

Any handler knows this behavior can be detrimental to a dog’s progress and a barrier to you creating a partnership. Only having a dog react when a reward is present is counterproductive, and hyperfixation diverts his energy and attention, wasting valuable training time.

Trainer Mike Jones from Primal Canine teamed up with Ray Allen’s Matt Wilson for a solution to equipment fixation: the Incog Treat Pouches. Crafted from tear-resistant Cordura and heavy pack cloth, these pouches offer a hands-free, incognito way to train and keep your dog focused on the trainer and not the treat.

Ray Allen created two versions of the pouch. The Hoodie Treat Pouch slides into any hoodie sweatshirt pocket for easy, front-of-body access. It has two sides: one for storing treats, with a drawstring closure to prevent treats from falling out, and a console storage side with a wide pocket for hiding balls or larger reward toys. It comes with a plastic insert to keep the pouch propped open and accessible.

Then there is the Pocket Treat Pouch, which is made to fit into the pocket of most jeans, tactical, or cargo pants. This is a more covert, less bulky option, and will eliminate the lingering smell of treats as well as preventing greasy residue or crumbs from accumulating in your pockets (and decreasing the likelihood your dog will tear through your pants in the laundry later on.)

Both pouches are washable and quick to wipe down.

The Incog Pouches will give handlers a total advantage over using an apron or training skirt. Handlers can react and move freely to reward the dog in a more precise manner, and there is no noticeable equipment for the dog to constantly eyeball. Pouches available in black, coyote, ranger green, red, and blue.

Enhance your proofing, accelerate your training, and banish equipment fixation with our Incog Treat Pouches.