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Trainer's Bite Suit

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$1,799.99 - $1,849.99

Ultimate Dog Bite Training Suit | Slim Low Profile K9 Bite Suit

Made to order, by hand in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

After more than 4 months in development, Ray Allen is proud to introduce the slimmer, tighter fitting, yet easy on/off Trainers Bite Suit.

Benefits for handler:
  • Excellent mobility out of the box - train efficiently and effectively
  • Comfortable fit; runs large
  • Designed for experienced decoys and trainers, not beginners or those requiring over-the-top protection
  • Your body is accessible to the dog - no extra folds or bulky padding often found in other suits
  • Tailored more through the shoulder and armpit to help you direct the dog where you want him to bite
  • Buckles release with one finger, great when slipping the jacket a lot or quick and easy on/off
Benefits for dog:
  • No extra folds or bulky padding to distract from a confident bite
  • Vest folds nicely through the chest/shoulder area, creates nice pockets for the dog to get into through the back of the shoulder/armpit areas
  • Shoulder/armpit areas offers excellent biting surfaces from the bicep through the chest to work on pain compliance
Product features:
  • Built in a Vest and Sleeve style, similar to our Tactical Bite Suit - tailored through the shoulder and armpit area to help you move or direct a dog where you want him
  • Stainless steel ClicLock Herm Sprenger buckles with red slider to protect the push button of the buckle from accidental release
  • We carry several standard sizes and color options for multiple decoys/cross-departmental use, for single users custom sizing is recommended
Sizing information (approximate):
  • Medium fits 5'8" to 5'10" and 175lbs
  • Large fits 5'11" to 6'2" and 220lbs
  • X-Large fits 6'2" to 6'5" and 250lbs

For additional sizing information, give us a call when you're ready to order.

The Trainer's Bite Suit can be purchased as individual separates (pants and jacket).

Blue, Black
Stainless Steel
Made in USA