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Dogtra Titanium Enhanced Contact Points

Dogtra Titanium Enhanced Contact Points

Dec 14th 2022

Searching for the latest E-Collar accessory to help with your K9’s training? An exciting new release from Dogtra is the Titanium Enhanced Contact Points. In this week’s blog post, we’ll teach you all about this must-have tool for every dog trainer who uses an E-Collar.

Meet The Titanium Enhance Contact Points

Ensuring the E-Collar you’re using has the proper contact points with your dog’s neck can make or break your training sessions. Additionally, they can also either support or detract from your K9’s comfort level while wearing the collar.

That’s where the  Dogtra Titanium Enhance Contact Points accessory is a lifesaver. Designed to make your working dog’s training sessions seamless, effective, and comfortable, this tool is far above anything else.

The Titanium Enhance Contact Points is compatible with the following E-Collars:

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Titanium Enhance Contact Points Elevate Your E-Collar Training

What are the advantages of using the Dogtra Titanium Enhance Contact Points E-Collar accessory? First and foremost, having proper contact points ensures better correction.

Having the wrong contact points will make your correction efforts too subtle for your dog to notice, potentially leading to longer and less-effective training sessions. Strategically placed on the front and side of the neck, this device provides correction that your K9 will feel each time, which helps improve reactivity.

Additionally, Titanium Enhance Contact Points deliver a far more comfortable fit for dogs than any other contact points. Created with a Flexi Fin design, these contact points move with your K9 to ensure optimum comfort and range of motion.

Dogs with sensitive skin may benefit from the titanium finish over traditional E-Collar contact points.

How To Install The Titanium Enhance Contact Points

The Titanium Enhance Contact Points are simple to install on most existing Dogtra units. After removing the two existing contact points that are already on the collar, simply connect the Titanium Enhance Contact Points. Once everything is aligned, use the included plastic bolts that to secure the device.

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