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Blast Hose Tug Toys For Working Dogs

Blast Hose Tug Toys For Working Dogs

May 5th 2021

Our Blast Hose Tug Toys for working dogs are designed for the tough and aggressive dog, making it perfect for K9 training, obedience training, or as a great play reward. These Blast Hose Tugs are not only good for training, but can also be used for play time with your hard-working dog.

The nice thing about the hose material is that it can really take a beating. Perfectly sized for fetch, playing tug, bite training, and as a reward during scent work training, this toy can be used with two hands, making it great for service dogs of all types.

Use the Blast Hose Tugs for rewarding your hard-working dog at the end of the day, or use them to reward for obedience reinforcement; or even just to work the dog a little bit. Make it fun for both K9 and handler.

Fetch & Throw

This tug toy is easily concealable and great for throwing. The size, weight, and density make targeted throwing a breeze; effortlessly throw it at the source of an odor to help positively reinforce during scent training sessions. Be careful when you’re throwing it at a target because it is dense, and can travel easily.

This tug also makes a great replacement for a stick when you’re throwing and playing fetch. It’s a lot safer and it’s not going to break apart and poke your dog in the mouth or gums when they grab ahold of it from the end. The Blast Hose Tug has an option with a rope, which is a great addition for using one or both hands when playing with your K9.

Bite Development

Our Blast Hose Tugs are ideal for bite training and development because they are made from a very dense material that forces the dog to bite with intent. They are not easily collapsible under pressure, allowing for more development of your dog’s bite grip. The Blast Hose is made of a rubber material that allows your K9 to really sink their teeth into the tug and get a satisfying grip, making this an excellent dog training tool for helping to build drive.

The Blast Hose Tug Toys come in a few different sizes, with an internal diameter of either ¾ of an inch to one inch. The outer diameter of the hose itself is approximately 1 ½ - 2 inches in diameter. Aside from the size, the tug comes with an optional double-sided and knotted, rope handle. The rope (unlike nylon rope) is made from a soft, safe-on-teeth, non-abrasive poly rope material. This is great so that when your dog sinks teeth into the handle, which will happen, it’s not a concern.

With nylon handles you have to be concerned about tooth wear or even chipping, due to fraying and snagging the contours of the tooth. Whereas our tugs are made from a dynamic rubber that’s firm yet soft enough, flexible, and ultra-durable; allowing you and your K9 to crank on it during training and reward play.

Tug Toys Made For Tactical & Service Dogs

The Blast Hose Tug Toy is made for working dogs. It’s extremely durable and holds up under intense pressure, even for those dogs with superhero bite force. They won’t be able to take down this tug toy!

This is a really popular piece of equipment that we make, seeing it used across a lot of different working dog fields, and perhaps most often in the detection industry. K9 handlers use the Blast Hose Tugs with their detection dogs as rewards for obedience and even agility.

Our Blast Hose Tugs are an ultra-durable tug toy for working dogs that can really take a beating. Perfect for hard chewers and hard biters, this is a great toy to use during training, as a reward for being a “good boy!”, or just for fun. This tug is perfect for helping to train a K9 for developing drive or grip strength, and honestly, it makes a nice reward toy that’s easy to conceal so you can whip it out at a moment’s notice.

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