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Why Ray Allen Dog Tug Toys Are Vital To K9 Bite Training

Why Ray Allen Dog Tug Toys Are Vital To K9 Bite Training

Apr 14th 2021

Tug toys for dogs are a critical tool used by handlers during K9 bite training or as reward toys — especially when your warrior is still a puppy. Ray Allen proudly features a wide range of tug toys that come in all shapes, sizes, and materials; depending on how you intend to train your working dog.

All of our tug toys are designed to help your canine continue the development of their bite training. Tug toys are also an excellent reward for dogs that naturally enjoy biting into things. Our tug toys help to build and strengthen jaw pressure, getting your dog used to biting and holding on.

Our long standing history is proven; and we are proud to make some of the best tug toys for working dogs! We manufacture our tugs in a way (unlike others), so dogs can sink their teeth into the material and get a good, solid grip. This helps to ensure better protection for both your dog and the handler, but it’s also incredibly satisfying for your dog during training and play.

Always remember to be careful when training your puppy — especially during teething! It's always good to be reminded of how sensitive your puppy’s piercing teeth are, at a young age. During the teething phase, you need to be careful how often and how hard they play with their tug reward. You don’t want to negatively impact their development due to over stimulation with the tug reward.

How to choose a tug toy for your working dog training program:

Your choice in dog tug toys should reflect the type of training program(s) that you’re running. We have tugs designed with the same materials as bite suits and bite sleeves, (like Jute & Syntek materials), so that the texture, feel, and comfort transfer across your K9 bite training sessions.

When you’re looking at tug toys, the most important factor to consider is, “what material makes the most sense for your training program?”

If you’re going to be focusing on bite suit training with your dog, then you’ll want to choose a tug toy that is made from the same materials. This makes the transition easier between your dog’s tug toy training into training with a bite suit.

The same goes for your training program for bite sleeves or Jute training — you want your dog tug toy material to be the same or as close to the same material throughout the training process..

Fire hose Tug

Made of fire hose material dyed Ray Allen blue. The ends are stitched shut to prevent fraying. These can easily fit in your pocket for access as a reward during K9 obedience training.

Fire hose tug toys are made from solid nylon, making them a bit harder to grab onto — especially for your young warrior puppies. As this tug toy becomes slick from your dog’s mouth during training, it becomes even harder to grip onto, making this an excellent toy for teaching a young K9 how to hold, while developing their bite grip strength. The fire hose tugs also make a good general all-purpose reward toy.

Jute Tug

Available with or without a rope handle, our Jute tug toy is designed to be held by one, or both, ends. Their compact design makes them great for retrieval. The Jute style tug is made from high-quality woven hemp with the ends glued and taped to prevent unraveling. This helps prolong the life and enhances the durability throughout training.

The shape and size of Ray Allen Jute tug toys make it easy to carry; sliding into most pockets effortlessly — side pockets, hoodie pockets, and pretty much any functional pocket.

Conveniently measuring at just over 1.5 inches in diameter, our Jute rope tugs are great reward toys and make great candidates for throwing at specific targets (like an odor source) during scent training.

Large Tug

Easily hook one of our large tugs onto your hip or leg, to start your puppy or young dog on leg targeting. Perfect for K9 training, these large tugs help get your dog used to bite work, whether it’s above or below the knee.

Normal-sized Tug Toy

Ray Allen makes regular tug toys for working dogs that are available in a variety of options. Our tugs can be made with bungee handles, regular handles, two handles on either side, or no handle at all. No matter what type of working dog training program you’re running, these tugs are highly versatile tools — from training to reward play.

Ray Allen’s dog tug toys are designed to be used as either reward toys or for K9 bite training and other working dog services. Depending upon the type of training program, tug toys are a fantastic tool for training and encouraging your dog’s development.

Choosing the right materials will help to seamlessly transition your dog from tug toy to other training tools such as bite suits, bite sleeves, and more.

*** KEEP IN MIND: Tug toys are NOT dog chew toys! DO NOT leave them with your K9 warrior-in-training unattended ***