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8 Essential Products Every Tactical K9 Needs

8 Essential Products Every Tactical K9 Needs

Dec 29th 2020

8 Essential Products Every Tactical K9 Needs:

  • Collar: To manage and control your tactical dog, the basic necessities are a collar and leash. When purchasing, consider both your environment and your dog’s mission.

  • Leash, LeadLine: As the other half of any basic K9 control package, the type of leash, lead, or line will depend on what’s best for your dog and the environment for which it will be used.

  • Harness: With the number of police and military grade harnesses on the market, it’s important to know what your needs and expectations are.
  • Our latest addition, the Nomad Harness, offers versatility like none other. The modular system has two parts: the frame (a fully functional harness) and the body. This system allows users to interchange the harness frame with different types of body capes to quickly equip your dog for any situation.

  • Muzzle: We offer a number of different options, materials and styles; from wire cages to leather baskets to nylon mesh.

  • For versatility, we recommend an adjustable muzzle like the RAM Muzzle, that can be used for both training purposes and visits to the vet.

  • Tugs/Toys: Reward your working dog for executing the behaviors you want, with the use of a tug or toy. And to understand what your dog responds to best, try a few different styles – a ball, a ball on a rope, a soft tug, a hard tug, etc.

  • Crate or Kennel: When housing or transporting your dog, it’s important to consider safety and comfort. A sturdy crate or kennel will offer better protection, in case of accident. Also consider proper kennel and crate accessories to help maintain comfort for your dog.

  • First Aid: When it comes to first aid for your K9, consult the expert, first. Having some kind of basic first aid kit on hand is a good idea. Again, the supplies you’ll need depend on your dog’s activity and the environment with which they work.

  • Grooming: Most working breeds shed in the spring and grow their coat in the winter. To maintain a level of comfort and agility, a quality brush, rake, or blade is always handy.

We personally recommend the Furminator to help control and minimize excess fur.

If you have any particular questions about our products or would like more information, please feel free to reach out to us via email or give us a call. Our product and sales team are happy to help.

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