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Monthly Archives: April 2017

  1. The Hangman’s Noose

    Canine Liability 360: REASONS WE GET IN TROUBLE

    by Bill Lewis II

    A K9 handler’s leash should ideally be wrapped around the handler’s waist and secured when not being used so it can easily ride above the gun belt, not interfere with access to the handgun and other equipment on the gun belt, and be readily accessible when needed.

    If not wrapped around the waist, the leash should be stored in a pant pocket where it can be quickly retrieved by the handler.

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  2. The Importance of K9 Public Relations

    by Shawn Rosner

    Ahead of the 11th Annual K-9 HITS Handler Instruction and Training Seminar in San Francisco, California in August, I wanted to provide some canine public relations information and ideas and some helpful tips for establishing a charitable fundraising organization for you canine programs.

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  3. Common E-Collar Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Electronic Collar photoby Jeff Meyer

    When properly used an Electronic collar, or E-Collar, is, in my opinion, one of the best tools you can use to train and handle a patrol dog. When used incorrectly it can be one of the worst tools in our arsenal. I have trained hundreds of dogs all around the country on the proper use of an E-Collar and see many of the same mistakes. I share these ideas to assist you in looking at your own training to see if you too are guilty of any of these common E-Collar mistakes. To write an article explaining the proper use of the E-Collar would end up as long as a book, so this is in no way a comprehensive ‘how to’ manual.

    Be sure to check out our excellent stock of high-quality K9 Electronic Collars

    Common Mistake #1

    Not having a written policy for using E-Collars

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  4. Should you use real drugs or pseudo drugs to train your dog?

    by Andrew Weiman

    For court purposes, using real drugs is always better. Drugs that have been qualitatively tested to be cocaine for example, and not some other additive will make a better court presentation.

    I participated in a study with Dr. Kenneth Furton in the mid to late 90’s. Dr. Furton was determining if a dog’s indication to currency was usable in court to prove the currency’s direct contact with cocaine. The belief at the time was that all currency was contaminated with cocaine and that any such indication was useless.

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