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Super Grip Biothane Leashes

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$35.99 - $70.99
SKU: 8803-P

Super Grip Biothane Leashes | Hunting Dog Leads | Ray Allen

The Super Grip Biothane Leash is the most comfortable, heaviest gripping leash you will find for your hunting dog. The Super Grip material establishes grip on anything from hands to plastic, giving you a confident hold with or without gloves. It has the soft feel and reliability of biothane with little knobs built into the leash from top to bottom, giving you a great grip that won't burn your hands. Because biothane resists catching on branches, this all-weather leash is a great choice for walks through heavy brush or for hard pulling gun dogs.

Product Features
  • Impervious to water or ice and fully functional in any conditions or terrain
  • Biothane requires no maintenance and resists picking up stickers, thorns and goatheads
  • Comes in three lengths with O-ring in the handle or as a 15’ tracking line (no O-ring)
Made in USA