Stainless Steel No-Tip Feed Pans | Dog Food & Water Bowl

Stainless Steel No-Tip Feed Pans


$10.99 - $15.99

Dog Food Bowl | Heavy Duty | Easy To Clean

The Stainless Steel No-Tip Feed Pan from Ray Allen Manufacturing is a great solution to easier cleanup at the kennel or at home. Protect your floors with this dog food bowl featuring a flared base designed to eliminate tipping over from an excited K9 ready to chow down after a long training session. These stainless steel dog bowls are easily cleaned and sanitized and will last a lifetime.

  • Heavy-Duty Steel Construction
  • Flared Base to prevent being flipped over by hungry dogs
  • Rubber-rim surrounding the flared base to help keep the bowl from sliding around on the floor
Benefits For Trainer
  • Less mess with the stainless steel design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Get the bowl size you need for bigger or smaller working dogs 
  • Food and water stay in the bowl more easily because the bowl stays in place
Benefits For K9
  • Wide-mouthed bowl for no-holds-barred chowing down
  • Dog food bowl won't slide around as your dog licks the bowl clean
  • Great for food and water
Stainless Steel