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Obedience Without Conflict

Ray Allen Manufacturing

Series 1 of 3 DVD's explores:
- Establishing clear communication with your dog.
- Using the release command as a bridge.
- The proper use of the release command, reassurance
   command and reward.
- The relationship between fast performance, the release and
- The interaction between primary, secondary and tertiary
- The use of signaled non-reward.
- The relationship between "passive" and "active" obedience
   exercises and an introduction to "The Game".
- How clearer communication will improve performance
   regardless of methodology.
60 minutes.

Series 2 DVD explores:
- "The Game" detailed as the motivational engine behind
   Ivan's obedience system.
- Using prey drive while eliminating the often encountered
   negative side effects.
- The out command as an instrumental exercise.
- Immediate response to sit-down commands by voice cue
- Both "two-way" and "one-way" static attention.
- The major passive skill of heeling by "finding the leg".
- The gymnastic skills of correct left, right and about turns.
- The stand in motion.
- The integration of passive and active obedience exercises
   into the obedience routine.
80 minutes.

The NEW series 3 DVD looks at:
- "The Retrieve" using tension and minimum force for
   creating a world-class retrieve through isolation of
   "hold" behavior.
- Distinction between holding and gripping and the
   topography of the retrieve, step by step.
- Speed and solid gripping under stimulus control.
- Cues for jumping and climbing through distraction while
   building a foundation for fast retrieving through
   non-conflicted play.
- Isolating speed while teaching correct holding through use
   of a Retrieve Dowel.
- Jumping and climbing behaviors under distraction and then
   combining the behaviors once taught and conditioned
   under independent stimulus control.
72 minutes.

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