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Narcotics Training Glass Jars

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$3.49 - $34.99

Illicit Material Jar | Odor Impermeable | Easy to Use | Transparent Design 

The Narcotics Training Glass Jars are a must-have for all K9 scent trainers and drug enforcement officers. The air-tight, 12-ounce jars are sold as singles or in a pack of 12 and are ready to handle even the most grueling scent training missions. Simply place the narcotics in the jar, seal it with the provided gold metallic lid, and get ready to hit the trail. Two fit in each Ray Allen Narcotics Safe Case - Pelican Model 1150 for seamless transportation. Up to 12 fit in the Ray Allen Narc Safe Case 12 Jar for larger projects.

Lid color may vary (gold, silver, or white).

  • Wide-mouth construction 
  • Holds any narcotics or explosive training aid
  • Single piece metallic lids included
Benefits For Trainers
  • Air-tight seal guarantees effective training sessions
  • Transparent glass for easy viewing
  • Compact design for easy transportation
Benefits For Dogs
  • Builds confidence with each use
  • Ideal for a wide range of drug training sessions
Made in USA
Odor Delivery