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Large Dog Scoop and Spade Set


SKU: PE67104

Pooper Scooper | All-Aluminum 2-Piece Set | 48” Handles

Cleaning up dog waste has never been easier with the Large Dog Scoop and Spade Set sold by Ray Allen Manufacturing. This dog scoop set comes with a 7-inch scoop pan and spade with tall handles, so you’ll never have to bend down again to pick up your working dog’s waste. Make sure you never get your hands dirty by carrying the Mutt Mitt Waste Bags with you!

  • Non-slip grips on spade and poop scoop pan
  • Pan is large enough to hold all of a dog’s waste on a walk
Benefits For Handlers
  • No need to worry about bending over or dirtying your hands
  • Lightweight aluminum is easy to carry on your walks 
Benefits For Dogs
  • Working dogs can continue with their walks because trainers don’t have to spend extra time stopping and scooping