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F3 K9 Deployment & Heat Alert System w/Pager

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Heat Alert System | Remote Deployed | K9 Essentials

Essentially, the Gen2 F3 K9-Deployment and Heat Alert System™ does it all! To reference the NEW Gen2 F3 K9-Deployment System™ Installation & Users Manual click Gen2 F3 Installation & Users Manual.

Our door deployment system utilizes frequency technology to deploy from the remote. We advise that the frequency is tested before use as well as when another technology is introduced such as body cameras and/or drones. The frequencies may interact and produce unintended door pops.

Product includes:
  • Includes all features found in the F2 Heat Alert System 
  • One button remote deployment (recessed for safety, no accidental deployments)
  • Beep (optional) and vibration feedback to remote pager when deployment button is pressed
  • Short vehicle horn burst for deployment acknowledgment
  • System unlocks, unlatches, pushes, and holds open vehicle door when deployed
  • Park/Neutral input disables deployment system when the vehicle is in gear
  • Strong 55 lb Gas Push Rod
  • Durable 40 lb Unlatch Solenoid
  • User selectable window drop option during deployment
  • Adjustable unlock timing to maximize deployment speed and vehicle compatibility
  • Dodge vehicles only require an additional relay and wiring harness kit due to electrical configuration (included in item# F3-D for Dodge Vehicles)

Note: Due to the technical nature and vehicle-specific information required, if you have any questions before your purchase, please give us a call at 800-444-0404.

Made in USA