Dogtra 1900S Black Edition B&L | Versatile E-Collar For Dogs | Boost & Lock

Dogtra 1900S Black Edition B&L


SKU: DC1900S-BE UPC: 644622020987

Remote Training Collar | Weatherproof | 1-Mile Range

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The updated 1900S Black Edition now features Dogtra's proprietary boost and lock function!

Step up your training and ensure immediate response from you dog, with the newly added "Boost" button. The constant correction provides a customized stimulation increment, which allows for instant increase (as a single increased "Boost" pulse, or constant "Boost" stimulation). Dogtra also added the newly introduced Safety Level Lock, which was designed to prevent unwanted or accidental level changes to the Rheostat Dial.

The slick Black Edition Boost & Lock model is an upgrade from Dogtra's ever popular 1900S E-Collar. With a 1-mile range, this single-dog system is a perfect choice for hunting, tracking, or any other situation when trainers require high output. Plus, Dogtra designed the transmitter to be intuitive and straight forward, making it one of the easier e-collars for K9 handlers to use. If you need a high-performing E-Collar known for its versatility and IPX9K durability, the 1900S is the choice for trainers in extreme conditions at extreme ranges.

Alternate Titanium Contact Points, for working dogs with sensitive skin:

  • Customizable Boost level feature, providing an incremental constant or pulse stimulation without adjusting the Rheostat dial.
  • Safety Level Lock to prevent unwanted stimulation level changes
  • Up to 127 levels of stimulation
  • IPX9K waterproof certified
  • Nick and Constant stimulation options along with the High-Performance Pager
  • Two-hour rapid charge Lithium Polymer batteries
Benefits For Handler
  • Boost & Lock features for safe and effective K9 training and recall
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Checkered grips on the handheld transmitter ensure it won't slip when wet
  • Backlit LCD screen displays the exact level of stimulation 
Benefits For K9
  • No more unwarranted or accidental stimulation with the Safety Level Lock
  • Doesn't add weight or bulk to your dog’s neck, thanks to its slim design
  • Enhanced contact points for instant correction
  • Fits dogs as big as Bloodhounds and German Shepherds
Package Contents
  • Transmitter
  • Receiver (two receiver/collars for Dogtra two-dog models)
  • Battery charger and splitter cable
  • Test light
  • Owner's manual
  • Gear bag
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