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Ray Allen "Stuff-It" Fire Hose Tugs

Ray Allen "Stuff-It" Fire Hose Tugs

Sep 7th 2022

Regardless of the breed or age, K9 handlers know that their dogs need plenty of rewards and interactive toys to stay both mentally and physically active and engaged. And if an owner can find a durable reward that can also serve as a training tool, then that’s even better!

K9 handlers are in luck because our team developed a K9 tug reward that is designed to keep dogs active while teaching them valuable bite training skills. Meet the Fire Hose Tugs!

One Of Our Most Innovative Dog Bite Training Toys

Nobody ever said that an innovative piece of K9 gear needs a complicated design. And that’s the case for our Fire Hose Tugs.

True to its name, these reward tugs are made of fire hose material and feature a durable nylon handle on one end and a VELCRO® strip on the other. The reward’s interior is hollow, allowing dog handlers to put an engaging scent or product inside the tug and seal it with the VELCRO® strip.

The interior is the perfect size for a disposable plastic water bottle (which is what we initially designed it for). However, the possibilities are endless for what you put inside the tug. Squeaky toys, dog treats, and puppy rags are just a few of the items we’ve seen trainers put inside these K9 rewards.

Your dog will spend hours biting down on their new tug toy, and you can also have some fun with your dog, thanks to the nylon handle. Simply place your dog’s favorite engaging product inside the tug and enjoy spending time playing tug of war, chase, fetch, or any other game you can imagine.

The Ideal Toy To Teach Bite Training Basics

You could say that these Fire Hose Tugs kill two birds with one stone because, in addition to entertaining your dog, it can help K9 trainers teach dogs new bite training skills.

Bite training experts can use this K9 reward to teach police and military working dogs “out” commands that get dogs to release their grip. Getting your dog to drop the tug might not be easy during playtime. But with continuous training, K9 handlers can translate the “drop” skill into teaching your dog to let go of a suspect’s arm or leg.

We carry a wide range of dog bite sleeves and bite training rewards to keep your decoys safe and ensure your dog always has some fun playing after a training session. Keep your gear organized and accessible instantly with the Tug Dangler, our very own tug toy holder for quick and easy access to your tug. Read our blog post about the Tug Dangler to learn more about this holster and all of its benefits.

Why Ray Allen?

Ray Allen Manufacturing has been producing the highest quality K9 equipment for hardcore dog handlers and their partners right here in Colorado Springs, Colorado, for over 70 years.

Our handmade, military-grade equipment is the go-to choice for police officers, military units, dog handlers, and trainers worldwide.

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