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Ray Allen Braided Leather Dog Leashes

Ray Allen Braided Leather Dog Leashes

Apr 6th 2022

Purchasing a new dog leash isn’t a choice that should be taken lightly, especially when you’re a K9 handler. After all, it’s one of the most important pieces of dog gear you can own! One of the reasons we wrote our Ultimate Guide to Dog Leashes, Leads & Lines is buying a leash is such a big and difficult decision.

While there are hundreds of choices, don’t overlook a braided leather leash the next time you’re browsing Ray Allen’s store for a leash. We carry a wide variety of braided leather leashes, like our Deluxe Full-Braided Leather Dog Leash and the Slot Braided Leather Leash.

Understanding Slot Braids vs. Twist Braids

The technique of braiding two pieces of leather to create horse reins, leashes, straps, and many other products has been around for centuries longer than the first sewing machine.

But it’s important to note that not all braided leather leashes are made using the same method. Braided leather dog leashes come in two categories: slot braids and twist braids.

Slot braiding is an art form and fabrication technique that involves splitting a strip of material in half and then weaving the two halves together back through themselves from one end to the other.

When we slot braid a leather leash, we create a stronger and longer-lasting leash than many of the stitched leashes you find at those big box stores.

A poorly-made stitched leather leash might snap when your K9 pulls forward while on the scent trail. But a slot braided is guaranteed to stay intact. Better yet, the two intertwined leather pieces contract when K9s pull, essentially reinforcing the handler’s grip on their working dog.

Twist braiding also starts with splitting the strip of material in half. But instead of weaving the material through itself, craftsmen will twist both sides of the material as they’re braided together.

This braiding technique results in a unique rounded shape that serves K9 handlers particularly well.

The rounded shape resulting from twist braiding gives K9 handlers a better hold over their K9, especially in poor weather conditions. Twist braided leather leashes can be found on everything from hunting trips to search and rescue missions.

While there are certainly plenty of options for all-weather leashes, going with a twist braided leash is a sure-fire winner.

Luckily for our customers, we carry both types of braided leashes at Ray Allen. For example, our Deluxe Full-Braided Leather Dog Leash is a twist braid leash, while the Slot Braided Leather Leash is (unsurprisingly) a slot braid leash.

If you’re only looking for a partially braided leash, consider our standard Braided Leather Leash. After all, you can’t go wrong with any Ray Allen gear.

Whether you go with a twist braided leash or a slot braided one, you can trust that you’re getting a high-quality leather leash that you and your working dog are both going to love.

Why Buy a Braided Leather Leash?

We can prove that buying a braided leather leash needs to be at the top of every dog trainer’s to-do list!

One of the biggest advantages our braided leather leashes have over standard leather leashes is that they provide that coveted no-slip grip. In fact, the braided construction of these leashes gives them nearly the same no-slip property K9 trainers love in biothane leashes.

The highest quality handmade craftsmanship is what Ray Allen customers have come to expect, and that’s exactly what you’ll get when you buy one of our braided leashes. We make all of these products by hand because (as far as we know) there aren’t any machines out there that can manufacture slot braid or twist braid leashes.

When you combine handmade craftsmanship with the fact that each piece is made of thick 10-12 ounce leather, you can trust that these leashes will last a lifetime. Unless you need a specialty leash, like our Nylon Adjustable Service Dog Leash with Bolt Snap, our braided leather leash should be the last leash you’ll ever need to buy.

Finally, all of our braided leather leashes are manufactured with the best hardware on the market. These products either have solid brass or stainless steel bolt clips that attach to any dog collar or harness and won’t break regardless of how hard your K9 pulls.

If you’re still deciding between a few different leather leashes, be sure to read our blog post on choosing a leather leash!

Why Ray Allen?

Ray Allen Manufacturing has been producing top-of-the-line, handmade military-grade products for K9 handlers and their dogs for over 70 years.

From leashes and muzzles to harnesses, bite training gear, chew toys, wellness supplies, and more, we do it all. And we do it better than anyone else.

That’s why we’re the most trusted brand for police officers, military units, working dog programs, and K9 handlers and trainers worldwide.