Opportunity Harness - A Simple, Versatile Tactical or Service Dog Harness

Opportunity Harness - A Simple, Versatile Tactical or Service Dog Harness

Sep 9th 2020

The Opportunity Harness is named for its versatility and functionality for K9 and handler. 

Padded and contoured for all day comfort, this is truly a day-in, day-out duty harness.

Its allure is that it’s simple: the chest strap and belly strap are box-stitched together, making it one solid and capable piece.

We’ve built this harness with ample webbing and 1 ¾” by 8” of Velcro along both sides. We’ve seen it used to house department patches or reflective strips, or with ID patches added for use as a service dog vest or emotional support dog harness. 

We have mounted a handle along the top of the harness if you need to lift or reposition your dog, or use it to help steady him for heeling exercises, or prior to deployment for ultimate control in emergency situations. Also use the handle as an assist harness to help the handler find stability while walking or as something for the handler to hold on to so the dog can guide.

The Opportunity Harness is fitted with three V-Rings, one on each side and one across the back, creating various attachment points for a lead, or giving the ability to run two tracking lines.
We’ve added a three-bar slider adjuster to the harness that makes tightening or loosening the harness once it is on your dog; no more unsteady fumbling with Velcro to get the perfect fit. 

Our GT Cobra buckles are durable pieces of hardware that won’t accidentally unclip if you bump one ear of the buckle, so no fumbling with ‘getting your dog dressed’ and no worries that he will accidentally slip out. These Cobra buckles reduce some of the weight of the harness for your dog as well, playing into the lightweight, seamless appeal of the harness. 

The belly strap on the harness extends from 28” to 36”, fitting medium-chested dogs like Malinois and Poodles, and deeper-chested dogs like Labradors. 

It comes in a variety of colors and is a perfect addition to your dog’s gear.