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Advanced Bite Training: Lace-Up Hidden Sleeves

Advanced Bite Training: Lace-Up Hidden Sleeves

Dec 17th 2020

Ray Allen Manufacturing is proud to carry a wide variety of  bite sleeves for K9 training. When it comes to versatility for advanced K9 bite training though, nothing beats our lace-up hidden sleeves. We carry three unique variations, each with their own specific benefits.

Full Enclosure

Our full enclosure, lace-up sleeves are available in two different materials: Jute (like our  Original Jute Trial Sleeve), and Syntek (like our Syntek Hidden Sleeve). Both variants go over the entire arm and are thicker, for extra protection. They feature an added layer of suede leather that is not only more comfortable for the decoy, but also provides extra padding against aggressive dog bites.

Both of our full enclosure sleeves feature a single lace securing system that ensures the sleeve fits properly and remains securely in place, during your training. You’ll also find an arch in the elbow that allows 40 degree arm movement in the Jute sleeve, and slightly more in the Syntek sleeve (due to the natural flexibility of the material). Better yet, both of these sleeves meet USPCA trial requirements, making them the perfect sleeve for a wide variety of training purposes.

Classic Syntek Hidden Sleeve (RA 9)

Considered a favorite by trainers across the country, our  Classic Syntek Hidden Sleeve (or RA 9) is a more advanced lace-up option for experienced bite training. While it features the same elbow arch found in our full enclosure sleeves (outlined above), the RA 9 is built with a leaner profile (less materials), making it thinner and easier for the decoy to maneuver. The slim profile of this Syntek sleeve also gives the dog a more realistic bite surface, providing a dynamic training experience; which also means that the decoy is more likely to feel the bite impact. We strongly recommend this sleeve for more experienced dogs and trainers.

The Classic Syntek Hidden Sleeve also differs from our full enclosure options with it’s independent two-lace securing system; one for the forearm and one for the bicep. This systems provides a more secure and comfortable fit that forms to the decoy’s entire arm, and also compliments a wider range of arm movement. After being laced up on the decoy’s arm for the first time, it’s quick and easy to slip on, and off. Like the full enclosure options, the RA 9 meets all USPCA requirements and is a "must have" sleeve to perfect the skills of experienced K9s.

Our line of bite sleeves doesn’t end there. To learn more about the unique features of each sleeve, visit our  online store today!