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The Jaded Dog Trainer: Cattle Dogs Are NOT Pets!

The Jaded Dog Trainer: Cattle Dogs Are NOT Pets!

Oct 4th 2023

The Jaded Dog Trainer seems to spend a bit too much time online these days because he’s been talking a lot recently about lists he reads of “top dog breeds.” He recently stumbled across a post from Facebook that ranked the top dog breeds to have as pets.

Out of all the “bazillion” dog breeds in the world, the person who made this list decided to include the Cattle Dog. If you know anything about TJDT, you can probably guess that he doesn’t agree with the decision to include them on the list.

Cattle Dogs are born and bred to herd cattle; it’s as simple as that. They can be aggressive at times and nip at people because, by their very nature, they’re engineered to herd 2,000-pound animals!

The author of the Facebook list says that you can simply train Cattle Dogs to not be aggressive. And that’s just not true. Asking a Cattle Dog to be anything other than a Cattle Dog is unfair to the animal, and it’s a burden on the owner.

Watch this week’s video to hear TJDT’s whole rant about Cattle Dogs. And if you’d like to give your input on the breed, leave us a comment on the Ray Allen YouTube channel! We also post weekly videos about new products, so you can always stay up to date on what our team is up to.

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