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Top 10 Dog Breeds (Google's Ranking) - The Jaded Dog Trainer Reacts

Top 10 Dog Breeds (Google's Ranking) - The Jaded Dog Trainer Reacts

Aug 2nd 2023

Have you ever wondered what the top dog breeds are, according to the Internet, but don’t want to waste your time on Google? Don’t worry! The Jaded Dog Trainer is back again to save you the energy by breaking it down for your entertainment. Today, I’ll scratch more than just the surface of, you guessed it, dog breeds!

The Countdown Begins

Surprisingly, at number 11, the ranking kicks off with the Portuguese Water Dog. With my extensive experience in dog training, I’ve shared some good times with these dogs. As for number 10, we come across the Newfoundland, another breed recognized for their charming attributes and fun attitudes.

Peeping from the ninth spot is the Maltese. I wouldn’t consider myself an expert on Maltese dogs. But with that long hair, their mopping capacity can’t be ignored, especially if you’re looking for a living Roomba.

Next, in eighth, we have the ever-popular and delightful Golden Retriever, followed immediately by the Husky at number seven. I raise an eyebrow at the Husky's ranking, but hey, it's not me; it's Google. Check out one of my other videos, My Siberian Husky Runs Forever!, if you want some more hot takes on Huskies.

The Middle Ground

Let's step into the middling section of this controversial list, starting with the barking Beagle at number five. Their affinity for hunting rabbits aside, they can get quite noisy. And they're not the best listeners, which I've covered before in my video, My Beagle Won't Come When I Call It!

Even so, their appeal is undeniable. The fourth place is occupied by the diligent and hard-working German Shepherd, a favorite in the K9 world.

Top Three: The Special Ones

Treading into the big league, at number three, we find the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Compact, dapper, and bursting with personality, this could be my personal favorite. Following closely, in second place, is the Labrador Retriever, another breed I've covered before in my video, The Truth About Labradors.

The Unexpected Champion

Brace yourself for the number one breed, drum roll please... It's the "mixed breed!" For the record, I'm not against rescuing dogs. I think pound Hounds are fantastic and make great pets. But a mixed breed is quite literally a mix of breeds, so classifying it as a specific breed doesn't make sense. But that’s the Internet for you. And if we’ve learned anything, people on the Internet don’t always know what they’re talking about.

What Dog Breed Should You Get?

There you have it, folks, the Internet's top eleven dog breeds! Remember, just like my videos; it's all subjective and meant for amusement.

Whether you go for a foot-warming Maltese that practically cleans your floors or a Mastiff that can be woken in a jiffy by a barking alarm clock, make sure to appreciate the unique charm of all dog breeds, mixed or not.

If you have a breed that serves a purpose, rewards your hard work, and shares in your joy, then head over to Ray Allen Manufacturing to fetch high-quality dog gear. Because any dog, regardless of the breed (or mix thereof) needs the best equipment on the market.

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