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The Jaded Dog Trainer: My Beagle Won't Come When I Call It

The Jaded Dog Trainer: My Beagle Won't Come When I Call It

Mar 17th 2021

The Beagle: A Mind of Their Own

Beagles are widely known to be one of the most playful and curious breeds of dogs. That’s why some owners are surprised when they find that training their Beagle to obey commands isn't always easy. One of the most popular questions trainers and handlers get about Beagles is, “why won’t they come when I call for them?” What most people don’t understand is that this particular breed has hundreds of years or precise breeding that can hamper their ability to respond to such commands.

Understanding Your Beagle

Beagles are typically described as a happy and curious dog breed that are both as clever as they are energetic. But what does this mean for their ability to understand and react to commands?

Their curiosity plays a big part in this. This means that their noses are always sniffing the ground in an attempt to identify or pick up new scents. When this happens, their brains go into auto-pilot and the dog will tend to ignore anything around them except for their  scent training.

Their energetic demeanor plays a big part in this as well. Because of their high levels of energy, Beagles need more exercise and playtime than other breeds. If they go without, they’ll tend to be more hyper and less likely to respond to commands.

Genetics and History of the Beagle

For hundreds of years Beagles have been bred by their handlers for the specific purpose of hunting. This means that they will chase any small animal no matter where they are or what obstacles lie in the way. So if you’re walking your Beagle and a squirrel runs by into a nearby bramble, your dog will likely chase them for as long and as far as they can. Again, it is important to remember that these dogs were bred to not only track and chase animals, but to follow them wherever they go, shaking off any cuts or scratches they receive from foliage in the process.

All of these idiosyncrasies play into why Beagles act the way that they do. Because they are bred for hunting, it’s vital to make sure your Beagle is getting adequate exercise, mental stimulation and playtime in order to encourage better command responses. We carry a wide variety of  training equipment and mentally stimulating toys that are designed specifically to encourage better behavior in your pets. Shop our online store today!