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Heavy Duty Ball On A Rope For Dogs

Heavy Duty Ball On A Rope For Dogs

Jun 2nd 2021

Let’s talk about the good ‘ole Ball On A Rope toy for dogs. We’re not sure who’s more excited about it… us or your dog. But when it comes to our heavy-duty ball on a rope for your K9 and working dogs, you’d better believe that it's built to last!

Our ball on a rope is available in two different sizes, two different colors, and with two different types of handle options. We have a 3" ball for bigger dogs, and of course, a smaller 2.5" ball for smaller breeds. Pretty simple right?

If you’ve got a large dog like a German Shepard, Malinois, etc., you’ll definitely want to go with the larger, 3" ball on a rope toy. This is because you want something that fills the dog's mouth properly; giving them a good grip on the reward toy.

What Makes Ours Better

We make the balls hollow so that your dog can actually chew and smash it in their mouth, which is naturally satisfying for them. We’ve also molded the ball with dimple indents so your dog is able to better grip the ball during a game of tug. Beyond the ball itself, we love the added rope attachment which allows us more adaptability for use in training. Our Ray Allen Ball On Rope is a perfect tool as a reward toy, for playing fetch, getting in some tug, and all kinds of other activities, for both training and playtime.

You can even get them with or without a T-handle, depending on how your dog likes to play. And, even if your dog chews up the T-handle or it breaks from playing to rough, we sell replacement T-handles to keep the tug toy from becoming garbage. The T-handle option allows you to throw the ball further by adding some extra leverage to your throw… because physics. Duh!

Conquering The Age Old Problem

One of the things we dislike about most balls on a rope is that the rope often comes right out of the ball. This happens because they're usually manufactured and assembled with a simple knot tied inside and zero reinforcement. Guess what happens whenever you play tug with your dog? You guessed it. The rope pops right out of the little rubber hole in the top of the ball. Good luck getting it back inside, let alone keeping it from happening again and again.

We hold our ball on a rope dog toy to a higher standard, and believe that we solved the age old problem with a simple solution. By adding a plastic washer to the insert, below the knot. This hard plastic washer is padded with a leather-like material that's stuck behind the washer, and the combination of the padding and the washer makes it almost impossible to pull the rope through.

So whenever you and your dog are playing tug, you can be confident knowing that the Ray Allen branded ball on a rope won’t break or come apart by using it the way it was intended. We even carry other brand name balls that we've added ropes to, just because we love them so much!

"Branded" in the molding process, with RayAllen.com, so you'll never forget where you got your favorite ball on a rope. So, get out there and reward your good dog with the Ray Allen ball on a rope or see all of our K9 rewards!