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Ray Allen 3" Ball on a Rope

Ray Allen Manufacturing


Indestructible Dog Toy | Hollow Core and Soft Surface | Choose from 2 Rope Designs

The well-known, much-loved Ball on a Rope toy that you've known has been given a redesign! This new Ray Allen Ball on a Rope dog toy has a large 3-inch diameter, a soft rubber surface, and knobs that provide a better grip for your K9. Your dog will love this toy as their reward after a hard day’s work. Shop Ray Allen for all of your dog's favorite toys!

  • Durable enough for strong chewers while soft enough to protect against injury during play
  • Keeps dogs entertained for hours 
Benefits For Handler
  • Works for fetch, as a reward, and many other fun games
  • Perfect size for growing puppies or fully-grown adult K9s
  • Loop handle or T-handle design options are easy for K9 trainers to throw   
Benefits For Dog
  • Won’t harm teeth or gums
  • Helps with bite training while providing hours of enjoyment
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