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Hands-Free MOLLE Flexi Pouch

Hands-Free MOLLE Flexi Pouch

Sep 1st 2021

The Ray Allen MOLLE Flexi Pouch is a modular leash holder designed to be used with the Flexi Retractable Leads product. The Flexi Pouch fits these high-quality retractable dog leashes like a glove.

One of the key features of the MOLLE Flexi Pouch is that it was made for the Flexi Retractable Lead to live in, rather than to be just a holder during work, training, and deployment.

Hands-Free For Any Environment

The Flexi Lead never needs to leave the pouch once it’s strapped in. This is because the unique modular design allows retractable leashes to remain fully functional while staying both secured and protected in the Flexi Pouch.

The modular design is built around the MOLLE system, featuring heavy-duty straps that have been weight and pressure-tested in the most extreme conditions. Trainers and handlers can easily attach, place, move and remove the Flexi Pouch to whatever compatible gear is needed during training and deployment.

The MOLLE Flexi Pouch can be used with any of our MOLLE compatible products.

MOLLE Compatible K9 Working Dog Gear Accessories

MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment and is commonly used on load-bearing equipment and backpacks used by the armed forces. Designed with hard-working dogs and K9 tactical handlers in mind, these modular equipment accessories are made to be fully compatible with many of Ray Allen’s harnesses, trainer vests, the K9 trainers belt, backpacks, and other tactical gear.

While the hands-free Flexi Pouch is compatible with all of our Flexi-Retractable Leads, it works particularly well with the flat tape-style Light Duty Flexi Lead, a light-duty retractable black leash that offers 26’ of leash length and is meant to be used with dogs weighing up to 110 pounds.

Why Ray Allen?

Ray Allen is the world’s leading manufacturer of tactical dog gear and training accessories. With generations of K9 working dog experience, Ray Allen Manufacturing has been designing and hand-making the best K9 and working dog gear for 70+ years.