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Guardian Lightweight Tracking Dog Harness

Guardian Lightweight Tracking Dog Harness

Oct 7th 2020

The Ray Allen Manufacturing Guardian Tracking Harness is built to be pliable and lightweight, and its unique three-strap system prevents the harness from riding up or obstructing your dog’s breathing or range of motion while on a track. This feature can be extremely beneficial for a ground track or SAR mission where a harness or collar can sometimes press up against a dog’s neck and reduce inhalations.

The Guardian loads across the durable type-8 webbing and exerts downward as your dog walks or pulls. The brunt of the weight goes across your dog’s shoulders and down into his chest as opposed to staying concentrated in his front.

If you’re running your tracking line from the rear ring, as you pull, it will run the load across the dog’s back and into his shoulders. This is ergonomically the most comfortable position for the dog, and this setup actually mirrors the functionality of a dog sled harness. People have been doing dog sledding and weight pulls for centuries, so why change a good thing?

Our three-strap system means that the webbing in this harness is stitched all together; the handle connects to the D-Ring, which is sewn into the side piece, making for a lighter, simpler, more consistent piece of equipment. And the breastplate is removable, so if your dog doesn’t require the extra weight distribution on a track or if the weather is less than ideal for more material, you have the option for more airflow.

We’ve sewn a generous piece of VELCRO® across the back to attach any ID or working dog patches, and the reinforced lift handle gets your dog up and over obstacles and difficult terrain without constricting. The Guardian runs on a G-hook system with tabs - the military standard for attaching different accessories and pouches for a streamlined way for your dog to carry gear on a hike or excursion; and it’s fitted design stops any accessories from shifting or becoming unbalanced as the dog moves.

It all ties together with 600 lb. load-rated GT Cobra buckles, heavy-duty hardware that will stay put even as your dog pushes through trees and brush.

Designed for mobility and comfort in a minimalistic way, the Guardian Harness is a tracking dog necessity.