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Enhance Your Training with Rader K9's Slip Leads

Enhance Your Training with Rader K9's Slip Leads

Aug 8th 2023

Our team is thrilled to introduce another one-of-a-kind product from Rader K9, the same amazing company that developed the Dominant Dog Collar. Designed with devoted dog handlers in mind, the Rader K9 Slip Lead is a must-have for training sessions. Lightweight, ultra-durable, and created as an alternative to chain collars, this slip leash is rapidly becoming one of the most popular choices in the dog training world.

Benefits of Using a Slip Lead

Using a slip lead for dogs can be advantageous in specific training situations and for handlers seeking to improve their K9’s obedience and leash manners. The slip leash serves as an effective training tool, allowing trainers to communicate with their dogs through gentle corrections.

When the dog pulls or exhibits undesirable behavior, the slip lead tightens slightly, prompting the dog to pay attention and respond to the handler's commands. This responsiveness promotes better communication, making training sessions more efficient and rewarding.

Additionally, slip leads offer adjustable control, accommodating dogs of various sizes and temperaments. The ease of adjusting the tension on the lead empowers handlers to tailor the level of correction according to the dog's individual needs, ensuring a comfortable and positive training experience.

Moreover, slip leads are ideal for certain activities and situations that require quick and precise control over a dog's movements. In activities like agility training or dog shows, where immediate responses and precise maneuvers are essential, slip leads can prove invaluable. The ease of putting on and taking off the slip lead makes it a practical choice for such scenarios, allowing handlers to swiftly transition between on-leash and off-leash work.

Benefits of the Rader K9 Slip Lead

At Ray Allen, we’ve decided to carry the Rader K9 Slip Lead specifically for its exceptional design and benefits. It is a one size fits all collar/leash combination, accommodating dogs of all breeds and strengths. This slip lead is available in 10 unique colors and is constructed with 1,200 lbs. high tensile strength Para-Max Cord that is UV and mold resistant.

The slip lead’s no-handle design ensures that it won’t get caught on anything, further enhancing the safety of this leash. Handlers instead hold the slip leash by the rubberized knotted handle endpoint, which allows for maximum grip. The Rader K9 Slip Lead is also easy-to-clean, lightweight, and compact.

Using Your Slip Lead

Using a dog slip leash requires proper handling and sensitivity to the dog's response. To put on the slip lead, slide the loop over the dog's head and position it around the neck high up behind the ears. The lead should form a P shape, with the loose end running alongside the dog's cheek.

When walking or training, hold the lead loosely, allowing it to remain slack when the dog is walking calmly. If the dog pulls or misbehaves, gently apply a slight tug on the lead, which tightens the collar momentarily, signaling to the dog to stop the undesirable behavior. As the dog responds to the correction, release the tension immediately.

Ready to harness the benefits of slip leads with your K9? Purchase your Rader K9 Slip Lead today, and be sure to check out the full line of Rader K9 products on the Ray Allen Manufacturing website.

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