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​Breaking Down the Adjustable Muzzle Vest

​Breaking Down the Adjustable Muzzle Vest

Mar 24th 2021

The Ray Allen Adjustable Muzzle Vest is the newest piece of innovative training equipment from Ray Allen Manufacturing. It’s made from high quality 1000d Cordura, with packed cloth on the inside and a thick foam built in to take the majority of the impact from a muzzled dog during training. Think of it as a ballistics vest, and your K9 is the bullet.

This muzzle vest is available in Black and Coyote, and comes in a round neck design or an updated V-Neck design that keeps the handler’s neck from getting injured in the event that the vest rides up on them. This keeps the handler from choking and allows for more breathing room during more aggressive training.

The Adjustable Muzzle Vest fits most sizes, with ideal handler heights between 5’8” and 6’4”. It is secured to the decoy with two nylon and VELCRO® straps on either side, under the arms. This ensures a secure fit that won’t fail during K9 training. To put it on, simply slide it over the head (the straps should be behind the handler) and secure the straps to the VELCRO® strips. Once all four have been secured, the handler can then readjust each strap until the fit is just right.

The slim profile of this vest allows it to easily be worn under a hoodie, so that the dog isn’t distracted by it, allowing for better real-world scenario training, all while keeping the decoy safe. Remember, this vest is not a bite vest and should only be used for K9s in muzzle training

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