Leather Dog Collars Strength Test - Backwoods Destructive Testing - Ray Allen Manufacturing
Leather Dog Collars Strength Test - Backwoods Destructive Testing

Leather Dog Collars Strength Test - Backwoods Destructive Testing

Sep 1st 2020

If you need just one good reason to buy a Ray Allen leather dog collar for your dog, let it be this: Matt, our resident product-tester and destruction junkie, shot at our Latigo Leather Agitation Dog Collar almost a dozen times and not a single pellet penetrated all the way through. Now we’re not saying you should do the same, but we are showing you that we don’t mess around when it comes to quality equipment.

Our manufacturers get asked all the time how our leather collars hold up. We’ve been making the same mil-spec collars for police and military K9s over 70 years, and if properly cared for, some of these collars have lasted almost that long. We’ve heard horror stories of hungry Mals chomping on the leather padding or pitties straining these collars to the max during agitation training with not a single stitch out of place. 

In fact, we took that same collar that we traumatized with a shotgun and used it to tow a 1,000 lb. hay bale through a field. The damn thing only broke because we tried to jump a ditch, so the folks at Ray Allen don’t want to hear, “I don’t think your collars can hold my dog...” unless your dog is over 1,000 lbs. and as strong as a Cruiser, in which case, we encourage you to put him through the Academy.

And if dragging a hay bale wasn’t enough, we also break-test our leather dog collars by hooking them up to load cell and winch and waiting for them to snap.

We pushed the limits of two of our favorite Ray Allen collars: our Ultimate Padded Leather Collar with Handle and the 1 1/4" Double-Layer Leather Collar, both favorites of the police and military for their look, feel, and strength.

Our Ultimate Padded Leather Collar with Handle is lined with a neoprene rubberized padding for your dog’s comfort, and to prevent matting of his fur under the collar while he works or pulls. We’ve sewn the V-Ring right into the collar for continuity and integrity. When we stretched this thing thin, it grenaded apart right at the V-Ring, where the most stitching exists in the leather, and the most amount of “holes” in the collar piece, loading at almost 400 lbs. before snapping.

Our 1 ¼” double-layered collar remained wholly intact up to over 1,500 lbs., and began dragging the Cruiser, even with its brakes locked. There was no way to pull at this collar harder without anchoring the Cruiser to a tree (or maybe shooting at this one too), so we dare you to find another military-grade collar that can take on a 7,000 lb. vehicle.

Ray Allen’s gear is K9 warrior tested and approved. This gear saves lives. This is gear you can count on. Toughest for even the strongest police and military dogs.