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7-in-1 Nylon Adjustable Service Dog Leash w/ Frog Clip

7-in-1 Nylon Adjustable Service Dog Leash w/ Frog Clip

Aug 4th 2021

The 7-in-1 Nylon Service Dog Leash provides a level of versatility and toughness that dog handlers, sportsmen, police K9 units and military service dog teams need. Not to mention the quality and durability you’ve come to expect from Ray Allen Manufacturing.

Strong, hard-working working dogs require a tough, durable leash. Nylon is a common choice for its strength, flexibility, lightness, and ease of cleaning. Even in harsh conditions and wet weather, the best nylon leashes will hold strong and provide you with a good grip. However, not all are created equal.

Nylon Adjustable Service Dog Leash Features & Construction

Unlike ordinary leashes, this Ray Allen Nylon Adjustable Service Dog Leash features a heavy-duty Frog Clip connecting point for your K9. Load-rated to withstand nearly 5,000 pounds of force, the Frog Clip is more than tough enough for even the strongest dogs. It can easily attach to your dog's collar or harness, or your tactical outerwear, and even when wearing a bite sleeve, making it ideal for K9 training.

It also features a Black Diamond carabiner, also rated for nearly 5,000 pounds of force. This feature allows to you configure the leash in 7 different ways for leading, running, or even carrying your dog out of difficult terrain.

With the leash wrapped around and connected to itself in a loop fashion, you can easily carry smaller dogs in a briefcase-style, or sling the leash over your shoulder for a hip carry, or cross the leash to create a backpack-style carry. This capability comes in handy for traversing obstacles or getting an injured working dog to safety.

This leash itself features bar-tacked nylon construction with tubular webbing, rated for up to 4,000 pounds of force. An 8” robe handle provides a convenient traffic style lead, for close heal. The Nylon Adjustable Service Dog Leash boasts a swivel point that gives your dog more freedom of motion, allowing them to explore when on the move.

7-in-1 Leash Configurations

Aside from being used as a typical handled dog leash, the Black Diamond carabiner enables you to wrap the leash around your waist for a secure, hands-free running leash or waist lead. Or, if your dog becomes injured or fatigued on a long hike, the nylon leash can be converted into multiple configurations for carrying your dog.

Even larger breeds can be easily carried if necessary, as the leash distributes the weight across the shoulders in the backpack configuration, when used in conjunction with our Icon, Icon Air, and Nomad Harnesses.

At 7’ long, you can give your dog plenty of independence, or fold over the end for a standard loop and 6’ of usable length.

Why Choose Ray Allen?

Ray Allen is the world’s leading manufacturer of tactical dog gear and training accessories, including the strongest and most versatile nylon dog leads. Explore our whole line of nylon leashes and find the one that's best for you and your dog.

Whether you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast or a hard-working K9 professional, Ray Allen is your source for all your working dog equipment.

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