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ScentLogix Explosive Detection ScentKits

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Revolutionizing Your Explosive Detection Training Efforts

ScentLogix-K9 ScentKits are the world's first suite of ScentKits scientifically developed for the training of K9's in the detection of explosives. With the use of patent-pending technology, these multi-operational ScentKits set a new standard for all K9-detection training kits.

ScentLogix Explosive Detection ScentKits are sold individually for a training program specific to your needs or in bundles. Bundles comprise of complete individual ScentKits for each scent included in that bundle.

Individual Explosive ScentKits currently available include: Double-Base Smokeless Powder, Untagged RDX, U.S. Tagged RDX, Any-Region Tagged RDX, ICAO-Mandated Explosive Taggants, Dynamite, TNT, Semtex (A+H), TATP and HMTD

Individual ScentKits come with a SIX-MONTH supply of research-grade odor; one aid-protecting outer bag; scent-flow indicating matchsticks to observe true air movements; downloadable user guide and logbook; and full product support.

ScentLogix SSE100 ScentKit Bundle
The most comprehensive non-hazardous non-peroxide detector-K9 training kit in the world. This kit's non-hazardous specifications and overall detection range exceeds current US MN01, US MN76 and other international civilian and MIL-Spec Detector-K9 explosives scent kit configurations. The SSE100 ScentKit includes individually complete ScentKits: DB-Smokeless Powder, TNT, Semtex, Dynamite, Tagged and Untagged RDX.

ScentLogix SSE200 ScentKit Bundle
This bundle includes non-hazardous peroxide and non-peroxide ScentKits that satisfy or exceed all national and international explosives detector-K9 program and K9-based antiterrorist activity requirements. SSE200 includes one of each of the following ScentKits: TATP, TNT, Semtex, Dynamite, Tagged and Untagged RDX.

ScentLogix SSE300 ScentKit Bundle
This non-hazardous K9 explosives training kit includes a selection of ScentKits necessary for a full-spectrum K9 explosives detection program. This Kit's non-hazardous specifications exceed current Canadian, British, European, Australian and South African canine training kit standards and all US Military, Police, Customs and DHS canine explosives training kit specifications. It includes a complete set of each of the following ScentKits: TATP, HMTD, Semtex, TNT, Dynamite, Tagged and Untagged RDX.

We apologize for any inconvenience, however for the safety of our officers, these items cannot be ordered online. Please call 1-800-444-0404 to order.


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