Double L Premier Kennel Flooring

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$99.99 - $224.99

The Double L Premier Kennel Flooring provides a durable, comfortable and safe surface for your dogs. The unique design is ideal for home or commercial kennels, grooming shops, dog breeders or anywhere you want to get you dogs off the ground or concrete. The Double L Premier Kennel Flooring features 3/8” wide x 1 1/4" long openings allowing for good ventilation helping your dogs stay cool, clean and dry. The smooth, non-porous plastic surface is also bacteria resistant, easy to clean and dries rapidly. The attractive bright lime green 2’ x 2’ panels snap together for fast and easy assembly atop the 5” tall fiberglass beams. The kennel floor is sold in 4’ x 4’ assembly with additional 2’ x 2’ add-on sections are also available. Thanks to its unique design multiple 4’ x 4’ assemblies can be combined to build unlimited configurations for larger areas. If a size larger than 8’ x 8’ is needed, please call for a quote. Ships via UPS.

The 4' x 4' Assembly contains:

  • Four 2’ x 2’ green panels
  • Three 4’ long fiberglass I-beams
  • Six I-beam feet

The 2' x 2' Add-On contains:

  • Two 2’ x 2’ green panels
  • One 4’ long fiberglass I-beam
  • Two I-beam feet

Please note: This is an oversize item, the 4’ x 4’ kit requires an additional $45 shipping charge and the 2’ x 2’ add-on requires an additional $35 shipping charge.