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We Thought We Could Break This Tactical Police Dog Lead

We Thought We Could Break This Tactical Police Dog Lead

Aug 12th 2020

Ray Allen Manufacturing’s nylon police leads are trusted by K9 officers, trainers, and handlers across the country. Made with premium double-layer nylon and 1” bolt snaps at both ends for versatility and convenience, we have included D-rings for extension lengths of 41", 51", 60" and 72", all from one lead. Use it as a tie-out, traffic lead, agitation line, or a quick and handy backup leash if your primary lead is lost or compromised on a job.

In our product description, we initially rated this lead at a 3,000 lb. test, and we claimed it was the strongest police lead available. Matt, our resident product tester, made sure Ray Allen talks the talk AND walks the walk when he performed some destructive testing to see if he could break our police lead in an extreme pull test.

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Rigged up to Matt’s pull testing apparatus (a winch and trailer), Matt was curious as to which point the police lead would split: would it snap through the double-layer nylon, break at the riveting, or bust at one of the snaps?

In our previous tests, our leashes have either broken cleanly through the middle of their material, or at the ‘weaker’ points of where the hardware is sewn through. However, even with the brakes locked on Matt’s cruiser, this police lead decided to drag the vehicle instead of snap at any point. Matt pushed it to almost a ton of force (1,900 lbs.) and the lead still did not snap. How’s that for ‘strongest police lead available’?

The tensile strength of these police leads is critically important. An officer will need a solid handle on his dog until he is ready to deploy him forward on a drive, and at 1,900 lbs. of pull strength, this lead has got your- and your dog’s- back. And with capabilities to snap and extend this lead for various purposes (NOT towing a truck) our leads are dependable and adaptable in the field.

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