Walkin' Pets and Trevor Donovan Join Forces to Help Retired Police K-9

Walkin' Pets and Trevor Donovan Join Forces to Help Retired Police K-9

Apr 19th 2019

Amherst, NH April 19, 2019 - Actor Trevor Donovan is known on screen for his TV role on 90210, off screen he is known as a champion for canine mobility, sharing the mobility struggles of his beloved German Shepherd, Dogbert with his 30 million social media followers. Walkin’ Pets partnered with Trevor to share Dogbert’s journey with Degenerative Myelopathy and to bring continued awareness to the mobility disease that effects so many.

With Dogbert’s passing, Trevor and Walkin’ Pets wanted to ensure his memory lived on. Choosing to spread mobility awareness by helping a dog in need.

Trevor Donovan and Dogbert

Thor, an 8 ½ year old retired Philadelphia Police K-9 was forced into early retirement due to his IVDD diagnosis. His weakened rear legs began dragging, and Thor became completely Immobilized. After serving the Philadelphia Police force loyally for over 5 years alongside his partner Sgt. Alvin Outlaw, Thor no longer had insurance to cover his changing health needs.  The Outlaw family says that his new wheelchair will make all the difference, “It’s a big deal.  It’s a big expense and there's a lot of expenses involved in caring for a retired canine." Now, thanks to his new Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair donated in Dogbert’s honor Thor can regain his mobility and get back to being the playful, active dog he was before his diagnosis.

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