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Ultra-light Training Sleeve System - Canine Bite Work

Ultra-light Training Sleeve System - Canine Bite Work

Oct 28th 2020

Ray Allen’s Ultra-light Training Sleeve System is meant to teach full, firm, definite bites from beginner to advanced dogs. Achieving that definitive grip with unwavering pressure preps him for apprehension work, where pain compliance and a confident bite is necessary for the job.

Our Ultra-light Sleeves function as a complete training system, working your dog up from a rewarding compression bite on our lighter sleeves to the appropriate countering/drive behavior that our full sleeves provoke. Directing your dog into that aggressive bite will ensure he’s ready for real pushback in conflict.

Our sleeves start out with the #302, which has an ample compression area, forcing puppies or green dogs to really open their mouth to achieve the satisfaction of the compression ‘crunch’. The #302 is rounder, with more padding, so the dog will slip or otherwise be unable to grab it fully unless he really leans into that bite.

The #302 is a hollow sleeve and weighs less than 2.5 lbs.

Next is the #303, which contains a compression bite bar running through so the dog cannot crush all the way down on the sleeve.

The bar and sleeve create a triangular shape, and this wedge pattern causes the dog’s teeth to really slide back if they don’t bite fully into the triangle.

The #303 is substantially more stiff than the beginning sleeve, but still weighs less than 2.5 lbs. The #303 is therefore harder to compress, but makes the dog to flex his jaw muscles and develop bite strength.

The ending sleeve is the #304, which serves as a culmination of both the beginner and intermediate sleeves.
This still contains a wedge piece, but it is less sloped, more firm, and its compression bite core makes it a challenge.

This sleeve is built to be used longer term as a practice sleeve, once your dog understands a full bite. It comes with a leather cover for longevity and bite satisfaction, and this entire sleeve still weighs less than 3.5 lbs.

The #304 is a favorite among military, law enforcement and civilian trainers, and is the finest finishing sleeve in the industry.

All of our Ultra-light Sleeves require a sleeve cover, which is meant to be destroyed and used in conjunction while training. We carry several bite sleeve covers for a variety of training purposes.

These Ultra-light Sleeves come in a left and right arm, and are meant to direct the dog with your non-dominant hand as you create pressure with or use a whip, baton, or other tool in your dominant hand.

All Ultra-light Sleeves include CoolMax® lining throughout, which wicks away perspiration so the sleeve stays drier and you stay cooler on long days of training.

Build your dog’s confidence and guide him to a proper bite!

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