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Transitional Training: The Bite Suit Arm Sleeve

Transitional Training: The Bite Suit Arm Sleeve

Jan 20th 2021

A favorite among K9 bite trainers across the country, our Bite Suit Arm Sleeve is the perfect piece of equipment to transition young dogs onto a bite suit. Its tapered and multi-functional design simulates an actual bite suit while also providing numerous training options.

The Bite Suit Arm Sleeve (or the 9603) can be put on like a regular bite sleeve for an outside-forearm bite, but it can also be turned around on the trainer or decoy’s arm. With the shoulder handle now easily accessible, the decoy can pull it against the hand loop for a perfect fit and bite area, further easing the canine into bite suit training.

Finally, the Bite Suit Arm Sleeve features three loop handles, two of which are also ideal attachment points for a leash or lead. The handle near the wrist area allows the trainer to keep control of the sleeve. Another one can be found near the elbow crook, and one near the shoulder or top of the sleeve. These two handles support leash attachment, allowing the sleeve to separate from the decoy to the dog, keeping the K9 in drive.

Keep in mind that it’s important to never attach a leash with the buckle or snap, as this can potentially harm the dog. Instead, slide the leash handle through the sleeve loop, and then slide the leash buckle through the leash loop.

The Bite Suit Arm Sleeve is made from Syntek, the same material as our bite suits. It also features a similar spiral stitching design for added durability. If the dog rips part of the sleeve, that rip will be contained within that specific area, allowing for a longer lifespan.

Whether you’re training your dog for police work or personal protection, Ray Allen Manufacturing is your one stop shop for everything working dog related. If you’re just beginning your journey into canine training, be sure to visit our  blog, view our bite suit buyers guide, or shop our online store today.

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