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The RAM K9 Collar - Leather/Nylon Agitation and Training Collar

The RAM K9 Collar - Leather/Nylon Agitation and Training Collar

Mar 30th 2020

If you are seeking a quality agitation dog collar, or an all-around “anything and everything” collar that works as hard as your dog, Ray Allen Manufacturing has specially designed the RAM leather/nylon Collar with Cobra buckle.

Ray Allen knows our customers are seeking quality products for working dogs. The RAM Collar couples enduring support and strength from the leather and adjustability from the nylon. Toughest for even the baddest police and military dogs.

Agitation and Training

Made wide enough to distribute pressure away from sensitive areas around your dog’s neck, this collar is optimized for handler control and dog’s comfort, and can spare your dog’s skin and the muscles in his neck after hard pulling or longer training sessions.

Pair this collar with our heavy leather agitation lead, available in multiple lengths and colors to match your collar.


This durable collar can adjust from 14” up to 24” with ease. If you are in the process of training a smaller or younger dog, this collar is meant to grow with him throughout his career (and is guaranteed to last that long, ensured with the Ray Allen warranty.)

To resize the collar, all you have to do is undo the buckle, pop it open, and readjust the VELCRO®.

(Watch at 1:54 for a resizing demonstration.)

Handcrafted from Quality Materials

The collar is handcrafted from heavy-duty material onsite at Ray Allen, so you can be sure attention and care went into the creation of your gear. With 12 ounces of leather reinforcing the center of the collar, and a ¼ inch thick piece of leather and type-13 nylon stitched all along the outside, the RAM Collar is built to last, and we encourage you to show it off.

We’ve included a generous amount of VELCRO® so handlers may fasten ID placards or patches on the width of the collar, keeping your canine easily-identifiable, professional, and looking slick.

View our selection of Ray Allen patches and IDs.

We’ve stitched 1-inch webbing all the way through this collar, which secures the Cobra buckle, and we’ve built in a 1-inch D ring, fastening it so it is able to stay stiff and prop outwards to easily find, grab, or hook a leash, which can be imperative when calling off your dog. The buckle does not rattle or create a pressure point, as it is enveloped by the nylon reinforcement on the inner surface.

(Check out 2:07 to see how the RAM Collar looks on a dog’s neck.)


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