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The Most Trusted Muzzle: Original RAM Leather Agitation Muzzle

The Most Trusted Muzzle: Original RAM Leather Agitation Muzzle

Nov 8th 2023

Longtime Ray Allen customers know that our Original RAM Leather Agitation Muzzle stands out as the epitome of craftsmanship and functionality in dog training equipment. This isn't just any muzzle; it's a testament to our dedication to excellence!

In this blog, we'll explore the features and benefits of this dog muzzle and discover why it's the preferred choice of elite K9 handlers globally.

The RAM Muzzle: A Cut Above the Rest

Simply put, when it comes to leather muzzles, nothing compares to the Original RAM Leather Agitation Muzzle.

Constructed from thick North American cattle leather, the durability of this muzzle is indisputable. Its tight grain ensures it doesn’t wear out over time, and customer reviews have attested to its longevity, with some muzzles serving handlers for over 10 years..

The RAM Muzzle is crafted with meticulous care, offering both comfort and strength. The metal plate design is not only unique but also ensures the dog’s safety.

The strategic angling of the plate disperses pressure away from the dog, ensuring that during training or agitation, the force doesn't harm the dog's face.

Available in diverse shades of black, gray, and natural, the RAM Muzzle is also aesthetically appealing. Moreover, for those looking for something more distinctive, the A10 bomber collaboration with Working Dog Dry Goods offers a uniquely painted version.

Designed for the Most Demanding Professions

The RAM Muzzle is engineered for those who won't settle for anything but the best. From its design to its functionality, everything screams excellence.

Its sizing options ensure a snug fit for various breeds, from Malinois and Shepherds to Rottweilers, Corsos, and those European Dutch Shepherds with broader heads. Specialized designs are also available, such as the 'P' for Pit Bulls, ensuring that each dog gets a muzzle tailored to its unique snout shape.

This isn’t just a product; it's a solution trusted by elite groups. Many military units and countless police officers globally rely on the RAM Muzzle for their K9 partners. Its reputation isn't just for show; it's been tried, tested, and proven in the field.

Why Every Dog Handler Needs the RAM Muzzle

The RAM Muzzle is more than just a piece of equipment; it's a game-changer. Here's why every handler should have it:

  • Safety First: The muzzle’s unique metal plate design ensures that pressure is dispersed away from the dog, providing safety during rigorous training.
  • Versatility: From veterinary visits to hiking, the RAM Muzzle is the all-in-one solution. Its comfortable fit ensures that dogs aren't incessantly trying to remove it, even with extended wear.
  • Durability: Like all of our dog gear, this muzzle is built to last. With some handlers reporting a lifespan of over a decade, it's an investment that pays for itself.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this is the only dog muzzle you need. Find your perfect fit today, and experience the difference firsthand.

Why Ray Allen?

Ray Allen Manufacturing has been producing the highest quality K9 equipment for dog handlers and their partners right here in America for over 70 years.

From dog muzzles to leashes, harnesses, and even K9 trainer gear, look no further than Ray Allen when you need the best equipment for you and your dog.

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