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The Jaded Dog Trainer Reads Mean Comments

The Jaded Dog Trainer Reads Mean Comments

Sep 22nd 2021

This time, The Jaded Dog Trainer reads mean comments and reacts with feedback. Watch things heat up as Jaded Dog Trainer gets spicy with the comment section!

The Truth About A Breed: The K9 Trainer’s Perspective

Remember when The Jaded Dog Trainer talked about the Siberian Husky? “The genetics of the Siberian Husky determine that this breed is built to run all day and all night long, without thought. It is literally designed to travel thousands of miles for a week… ”

Well, one commenter didn’t like this sort of blanket statement and called out the Jaded Dog Trainer for making such a claim. The writer of this comment then suggested that the assumption must mean that “Huskies can never be off-leash.”

The Jaded Dog Trainer responded, not only offering further clarification but added depth behind some of the statements that he makes in his videos. He goes on to explain that while it may be easier (and more humorous) to make a broad, tongue-in-cheek statement about a given working dog breed, there’s actually some real genetic science to back him up.

In short, dogs were bred to do a specific job, and when those desired traits have been honed and perfected, these features come to define the breed.

Defending Bazillions: Genetic Cycles 101

We all know that The Jaded Dog Trainer uses the phrase, “a bazillion years,” pretty regularly. Once again, he dives deeper into the reason why he chooses to say this, rather than something a bit more “science-y.”

Another commenter decided to put The Jaded Dog Trainer to the test while simultaneously giving him the third degree… You tell us if you think it worked after watching the video.

In the Malinois video, he talked about how the Malinois breed has been around for “a bazillion years.” Did he mean a literal bazillion? Nope. (And yes, we know it’s not a real number). Instead, he was referring to the Malinois being bred over a long period of time, where “bazillion” referred to the number of genetic cycles the breed experienced to become what we know it as today.

Fun Fact: If we’re talking about a human genetic cycle, we’re referencing a period of time that ranges from about 20-30 years. So, in the average human lifespan, one would see about 2-3ish genetic cycles. During a human lifespan of around sixty-ish years, a person would experience about 2.5 human genetic cycles.

In a dog, that same sixty-ish years equates to 31 genetic cycles. Comparing that to a human, that’s over 600 years worth of genetic variation, divergence, and evolution!

So yeah, a “bazillion years” is "accurate" for him to use, in this case.

Be sure to watch the whole video, you're sure to get a kick out of it, as we did. If you’re looking for more working dog insights and sass from the Jaded Dog Trainer, visit our blog and watch all of his other videos.

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