The Evolution K9 Collar - Versatile Nylon Collar for Working Dogs - Ray Allen Manufacturing
The Evolution K9 Collar - Versatile Nylon Collar for Working Dogs

The Evolution K9 Collar - Versatile Nylon Collar for Working Dogs

Apr 13th 2020

The Evolution Collar with handle (or without) is one of Ray Allen’s quality handcrafted dog collars, made with superior attention to detail right in our facility in Colorado Springs, CO.


This lightweight collar puts zero strain on your dog’s neck, making it ideal for working dogs. However, its versatility is the Evolution Collar’s biggest draw: it can be used as a tracking collar, training collar, or- with a whopping 4,000-lb. load rate- an agitation collar.

Whether you are using it for your police K9 or military NSN, we have provided ample Velcro all the way around the collar to show off identification and placards.

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We hear a lot that regular nylon collars with plastic buckles won’t stay on or break easily. Our buckle is built to stay latched unless both ears are pressed, preventing accidental release which is imperative for timing and drive in agitation work, and the Cobra buckle D-ring integration is ideal for active dogs in the field. Because the D-ring lays stiff and flush against the collar, chances of the collar snagging on equipment, decoys, etc. are greatly reduced.

Watch Ray Allen’s Matt Wilson break down the types of buckles used on collars and harnesses and why they matter.


This collar is resizable from a 12”-26” inch circumference, so it can grow along with your dog. Because it’s made of nylon, stainless steel, and brass, the Evolution Collar is waterproof and won’t rust, making it a great collar for gun dogs, dock diving, or water treadmill exercise, (and it’s dishwasher safe!)

Check out how the Evolution Collar looks on a dog's neck.


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