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Introducing Sleek New Black on Black Leashes

Introducing Sleek New Black on Black Leashes

Dec 13th 2023

We're thrilled to introduce our latest breakthrough in K9 gear: "Black on Black" dog leashes. This new line is a fusion of elegance and resilience, poised to revolutionize the world of dog accessories.

Specially designed for those who value a perfect blend of style and practicality, these leashes are more than just a tool; they're a statement piece for your K9.

The Black on Black Edge: Sophistication in Every Detail

Our "Black on Black" collection is available for one biothane leash (our Biothane Dog Leash) and two leather leashes (our Braided Leather Leash with O-Ring and Standard Obedience Leash with O-Ring).

Adding black rivets to these leashes enhances their aesthetic appeal and underscores their premium quality, making them a standout accessory for any dog.

Revolutionizing Durability: The Black Snap Innovation

In our quest to combine style with durability, we've introduced black snaps that have undergone extensive testing to match the resilience of our traditional stainless steel and brass snaps.

The two leather leashes are also with a black O-ring, seamlessly integrating functionality with a modern look. This innovation in design ensures that our leashes are not only stylish but also built to last.

Tailored for Every K9: Size & Variety

We understand that handlers often require a variety of leashes depending on the types of work they’re doing with their dogs. So, we made sure that our Black on Black line comes in a variety of lengths to accommodate any dog in your K9 unit.

Both of our Black on Black leather leashes are available in four lengths, ranging from 3’ to 6’. The Black on Black biothane leash is available in six lengths, from 2’ to 10’ and in three different widths: 3/8”, 5/8”, and 3/4”

This range allows every dog owner to find a leash that meets their specific requirements, ensuring comfort and control during walks.

Stealth Mode: The Non-Reflective Advantage

One of the unique features of our Black-on-Black leashes is their non-reflective finish. This is especially advantageous in tactical situations, like police or military work, where maintaining a low profile is essential. The matte finish of these leashes ensures that they don't reflect light, keeping both the handler and the dog discreet and focused.

Why Choose Our Black On Black Leashes?

Are you looking to upgrade your dog's leash? Our Black-on-Black collection at Ray Allen Manufacturing is where durability meets contemporary design. This collection is perfect for those who want their dogs to make a statement. Each leash is a reflection of our commitment to quality and style, with black rivets and a matte finish that adds a touch of sophistication.

Why Ray Allen?

Ray Allen Manufacturing has been producing the highest quality K9 equipment for dog handlers and their partners right here in America for over 70 years.

From dog leashes to collars, harnesses, and more, look no further than Ray Allen when you need the best equipment for yourself and your dog.

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