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Ray Allen Ultimate Padded Collar - Luxury Leather Dog Collar

Ray Allen Ultimate Padded Collar - Luxury Leather Dog Collar

Apr 21st 2020

Our Ultimate Padded Leather Collar is a hand-crafted luxury  dog collar made from combination tanned latigo leather, richly dyed in stylish black or burgundy.

A premier collar for tracking and scentwork, this collar is made to evenly distribute pull weight when the handler exerts tension, keeping your dog’s nose directed to the scent zone. And when the dog loads forward, the collar pulls flat and won’t twist or tangle the lead to keep him on the trail, undistracted. The stainless-steel D-ring is adjustable to run a leash down your dog’s front and between his legs, or evenly across his back for versatile handling. The collar includes a looped-in handle for extra control and guidance, for when you want your dog to get the job done and look sharp doing it!

We’ve box-stitched breathable, padded rubber along the inside of this collar, and once the leather breaks in, it becomes softer and form-fits to your dog for ultimate comfort. The material is lightweight and doesn’t hang heavily on the dog’s neck and has several sizing options to fit it snugly to avoid sliding. The supple materials are great for dogs with sensitive skin. The rubber prevents longer fur from tangling and matting beneath the collar as the dog moves so it is optimal in the field or for everyday use and play. The materials are made to tolerate moisture and humidity, so you can guide your dog through any terrain. The collar adjusts to up to 24” and the leather is made for lifetime wear.

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